Being Mobile!

Beanie mum and MrsMalik both carry their babies in carriers! Heres a bit more about why;


The wee Sprout has never been in a buggy. She has lived in the Ergo carrier since birth.  I love it. It’s comfy for both her and me and I feel much more mobile.  The Bean family has no car, so I rely on public transit completely.  With the carrier I’m free to get on and off buses without worrying that there are already buggies or a wheelchair on board. I don’t have to worry about stairs or if a tube/rail station has a lift.  I also have two hands free to keep Beans in line when out and about.

The Ergo also has a lovely front pocket that is surprisingly roomy. I can fit my wallet, keys, oyster and even a spare nappy or two in there.  So often I don’t need to bring any other bag.  It’s awesome and definitely makes being a mobile mama in London much easier.



I’ve carried Roshan in a carrier since birth and loved every minute. He’s cosy, comfy and safe up high next to me. Im currently using a Girasol wrap and love how comfortable and versatile it is. However its not quite so good for short trips or taking baby in and out quickly. It does mean I have 2 free hands for MiniMalik and very often use it around the house when MicroMalik needs a bit of TLC.

Find out more about using wraps here



3 thoughts on “Being Mobile!

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