41 activities to conquer boredom

I need my days at home .. even more so now that Ive got two boys that run in different directions! Last year I made a ‘busy box’ for MiniMalik, the idea being that I had inspiration for fun activities he could do, that I usually just forget about.

Sometimes its the simple things he wants to do, sometimes he wants more involvment from me, but we got to decide that together.

P_20140201_145523It works like this, he brings me the busy box, and asks if we can pick one. I quickly flick through and remove all the activities that we cant to do for whatever reason, or I just cant face doing! He then still has a MASSIVE choice to pick from.

With any luck what he’s chosen will keep him busy for days … or not!

Some of these you wont have in your house, some will require a trip to the shops. If you have everything you need already (Everything is store cupboard ingredients, I dont rush off to the shops unless its an EMERGENCY!) then it means more choice for your Mini.

Its all in pictoral form, with suggestions and hints for me. I often write on the cards new ideas that i’ve had for next time!


As the boys and I work through our busy box, I’ll be posting here with pictures and then will update the downloadable file, to make it a bit more aesthetic!


1) superhero city. MiniMalik loves to fight the bad guys and throw them ‘into the lava’, so we get out the blocks and build a mini city for the bad guys to rampage in! You could create any kind of scenario for your mini, the key is to spark their imagination and then let them take over.

2) puzzles! Who doesn’t love a good puzzle, even a fidget like MiniMalik easily gets engaged, and loves the success of having conquered the challenge.


Download a printable version of all 41 ideas here!  busy box


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