Coombe woods: Some Foresty Fun

Coombe woods has the best of both worlds, beautiful gardens and a fantastic bit of forest!

The Maliks all went out for a picnic expecting just a bit of woodland, (We are having a series of picnics instead of a family holiday this year as I’m off to Canada for my brothers wedding with MicroMalik) but were greeted with a beautifully mature rockery garden, pond and lawn with HUGE beautiful borders.

We started out with our picnic on the ‘broad lawn’, enjoying the gorgeous flowers in the borders, then packed it away to explore the woods.

These woods and paths are really unsuitable for buggies, so don’t even try! You will have much more fun exploring with a toddler, or a baby in a carrier. Check out our post on being mobile with baby here.

We really enjoyed climbing the stairs, clambering over trees and just enjoying a beautiful forest.

After the woods we then explored the more ‘tamed’ parts of the garden, the pond with huge fish and lilly pads, the rockery garden with little stream and more!

Its a perfect trip for the family, as long as you are all fairly mobile!



Brixton Village: A busy market

One Saturday morning, the boys and I headed into Brixton to check out the market! Its not the first place you’d think of to take a pair of under 5s, but we had quite a fun little morning out.

There are a wide range of shops, boutiques and stalls selling everything from bespoke art, to chicken feet and everything in between!

We stopped for lunch at this little cafe WAG – ‘Wheat and gluten free’, for a cuppa and some toast. Mini Malik was a bit confused as to why his toast wasn’t ‘proper toast’, but ate the whole lot anyway, and I happily breastfed on a busy market street! The staff were lovely and even didn’t charge us for Mini Malik’s milk! Fabulous.

We picked up all the fruit and veg we needed, plus some goodies from the health food store, doing lots of learning and stopping to chat to different people on the way!

If you’re struggling to get kids to eat fruit and veggies, take them out to a big market and let them choose from all the wondrous produce. We even got to try some sugar cane!

Its not a fun place for a buggy, much better to have the freedom of a carrier for this one!image

Sydenham wells park: Fabulous play fountain

It was a beautiful day, so the Malik family decided to head for some water. I had been told that Sydenham Wells had a play fountain, so we went to check it out.

We set up our picnic under a mature maple tree and attempted to persuade MiniMalik to eat some picnic before he went off to play!

Its a lovely park, with a playground with a good variety of play equipment and water play fountains. I had the foresight to pack swim kit for MiniMalik, so he played all afternoon in his trunks!

There is a good sized playground, lots of grass and shady trees, an under 5s park (which didn’t look great), bits of cultivated garden and a putting green and nature area which we didn’t go to.

As we were leaving we realised that we couldn’t see MiniMalik … He had taken off his trunks and was playing naked on the swing!

Apologies for the lack of pictures, we were so busy having fun that we forgot!

Being Mobile!

Beanie mum and MrsMalik both carry their babies in carriers! Heres a bit more about why;


The wee Sprout has never been in a buggy. She has lived in the Ergo carrier since birth.  I love it. It’s comfy for both her and me and I feel much more mobile.  The Bean family has no car, so I rely on public transit completely.  With the carrier I’m free to get on and off buses without worrying that there are already buggies or a wheelchair on board. I don’t have to worry about stairs or if a tube/rail station has a lift.  I also have two hands free to keep Beans in line when out and about.

The Ergo also has a lovely front pocket that is surprisingly roomy. I can fit my wallet, keys, oyster and even a spare nappy or two in there.  So often I don’t need to bring any other bag.  It’s awesome and definitely makes being a mobile mama in London much easier.



I’ve carried Roshan in a carrier since birth and loved every minute. He’s cosy, comfy and safe up high next to me. Im currently using a Girasol wrap and love how comfortable and versatile it is. However its not quite so good for short trips or taking baby in and out quickly. It does mean I have 2 free hands for MiniMalik and very often use it around the house when MicroMalik needs a bit of TLC.

Find out more about using wraps here