Coram’s fields: Perfect for a picnic

It was predicted to be hot and sunny today, so we headed out, two mobile mamas, to Coram’s fields on the basis that they had a paddling pool!

It was a whole hour and a half after arriving that we realised the pool wasn’t operational, because we were far too busy having fun!

Beans and Mini Malik were ravenous upon arrival, so we picnicked first, and then made our way round the various play areas and to see the animals.

Coram's field'sThe play areas were great, they cater for a wide range of different ages and abilities with a great slide and zip wire!

Be warned – Its very popular with school groups as it does provide activities specifically for them, so you will have to play around them.

The security is good, as there is one gate for getting in and out. Adults are not allowed in without a child, but there was no one enforcing this when we were there.

The ‘city farm’ is not much more than a handful of chickens, some birds, rabbits and a sheep.

The toilets were great and there is a little shop selling drinks and food onsite.

They have a lot of events on, so its worth checking their website in advance and planning a few future events in your diary for the future, as well as a good place for ‘I NEED TO TAKE THE CHILDREN OUT’ days!

Beans and Mini MalikTo be honest, it was a lot smaller than I thought it would be, but this didn’t stop our two playing for over 3 hours!


Micro Malik really enjoyed a taste of my apple

Mini Malik loved playing in the sand

Mrs Malik enjoyed having a leisurely picnic chatting to Beaniemum

Beans loved playing with a new friend

Beaniemum had fun chatting to Bean’s friend’s Mowhawked dad!


Kit List;

Picnic blanket & picnic – It’s an ideal place to sit and eat and chat while the children play safely.

Swim kit and towel for water play (Check ahead!)

Bucket and spade for sand play



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