Keep Britian Breastfeeding Week!

To celebrate Keep Britian Breastfeeding Week, I thought i’d tell you a little bit about my breastfeeding journey. After all, what’s more mobile than boobs!?

When Mini Malik was growing in my tummy, the thought to do anything other than breastfeed seemed absurd. We were living on a tiny income, in a tiny flat, acruing debt, so to choose to pay for something that comes for free sounded silly!

However, Mini Malik arrived very sleepy and unwilling to suck. The gas and air had turned my brain to mush so as he screamed at me with hunger, but refused to feed, I cried and cried. After some formula, things didnt really improve until my milk came in fully. Then he was happy!

Things were plain sailing after that. We would go anywhere and everywhere, and if I knew I would be nervous about feeding then I pumped before and took it with me in a bottle!

Even as a young mum, with a young baby living in a rural part of the peak district, i found it easy to be mobile!

When he hit 4 months he got HUNGRY, he would cry and cry for more food and there wasnt any. We felt he was too little for solids, so attempted to supplement with formula. Gradually over a period of weeks we switched over to formula in bottles. I dont remember it being a concious decision, I just wanted him to stop screaming at me! I wish now I had asked for more help and support, but as we were living in Gateshead at the time I think the health visitors there would have been surprised I was breastfeeding him still!


Micro Malik was totally different! Again, I planned to breastfeed him. After the birth when we were settled on the sofa under a mountain of blankets, I had him lying on my chest and I remember how wide he opened that little mouth as he searched for his food! I got some help sitting up and he latched on perfectly! I cried tears of joy as he devoured the colostrum.

For the first three weeks the letdown was very painful, I didnt want to feed him as it felt like i was being stabbed. But I perservered as I knew how important this milk is

At 3.5 months he’s a little boob monster and loves feeding! In his ideal world he’d have a snack every hour, but I don’t always let him. I am determined to feed for longer this time. There are lots of breastfeeding support groups all over the internet and on facebook, so that when I know I have a hurdle coming up (This little boy has growth spurts every 3 weeks, im sure!) I can canvass support to see me through.

For my birthday & christmas (They aren’t cheap!) im planning to ask for a ‘breastmilk necklace‘ where you send them a sample of your breastmilk and they preserve it as a decorative necklace. They are beautiful!

Im also currently expressing for a poorly baby via Human Milk for Human Babies, he had a stroke during/just after birth and mum is struggling to make milk for him. The stroke may have affected his digestive system so the formula was making him really poorly, being able to give him just breastmilk has meant the world to his parents.

Kit list

Boobs + baby

muslin cloth to catch spills

Well fitting nursing bra

Other people use pillows and breastfeeding scarves but ive never found the need for these

Support Network Рlactivist are fab! As is the natural mamas forum. For facebook groups just do a quick search, there are loads of them!