Streatham Kite Festival

Thanks to the wonderful British Summer we’re having the Streatham Kite Festival was postponed from its original date in April to June.  We were grateful though, since it made a wonderful day out for Father’s Day. IMG_8988

It was a bit rainy and dark when we arrived, but we didn’t let it dampen our spirits. There were gigantic salamander and alien kites featuring in the main arena when we arrived and there were several dotting the skyline from the hill behind. The first thing we did was take stock of the various tents. There were a few selling kites (of course), a face painting tent (at a steep £5 per face) and many food tents. Beans immediately gravitated to a kite tent and picked out a pretty butterfly kite.

We didn’t have a lot of luck keeping it up in the air for an extended period of time. IMG_8934But we had a lot of fun trying. When we weren’t failing at flying our kite Beans loved watching all the other kites and guessing what they were. We saw seagulls, octopuses, dragons, bats, and many many more. There were also some shows in the main arena including a very talented man who made three kites dance through the sky all at once.

Even though the aromas from the food tents were quite tempting, the rain was beginning to fall a bit more heavily; so we chose to head across the street to one of the many restaurants across from the common. The Waterfront restaurant was very cleverly advertising 2 pizzas for £15, and we weren’t the only family taking advantage. IMG_8948

The sun came out while we were eating, so we headed back to the festival. The playground at Streatham Common is absolutely brilliant, with climbing frames for all ages (including one in the shape of a rocket ship) and a sunken cement pool that several children were kicking footballs in.

I highly recommend this festival and we’ll definitely be returning next year!

IMG_8964Beans loved running around with her kite.

Sprout loved watching her.

Beaniemum liked seeing all the kites.

Beaniedad liked flying a kite with his daughter on Father’s Day.


Picnic and picnic blanket



A bit of cash for ice cream