St James Park: exploring the royal parks

Mr Malik was off to see a friend get ordained, so we made it a family excursion! The ordination (when a vicar formally becomes a reverend in a special service) was in westminster, near st James park, so I thought the boys and I would head there. I told minimalik we were off to see the pelicans!

I was pleasantly surprised by how lovely the park was. The water was all gated off, with loads of wildlife to see, and the pelicans! The park looked really nice, with quite a diversity of equipment, but we didn’t have time to stay and play.

Lots of green grass for picnics and games. There are a few little shacks selling overpriced ice cream and the usual.

Its very close to Buckingham palace (when we were there the flag was up!) and not too far from hyde and Kensington parks.

Kit list
Picnic blanket and picnic
Park games
Change for tea/coffee/ice cream



South Norwood Lake: A mini Oasis

South Norwood LakeIt’s a tiny little place, tucked away between some houses, but lovely.  On street parking, a little sailing club, a terrace that juts out over the lake and fishing posts.

This has been on Mr Malik’s to-do list for sometime, but it was just a quick trip to see what was there.

There is a playpark and toilets but these are currently closed, however there is a local campaign to re-open them so this may change!

There were lots of animals to spot, which I really enjoyed. Next time I will print out a little ‘nature spotting’ sheet like THIS to do with Rohan and leave the scooter behind!South Norwood lake

Mini Malik enjoyed scooting round the lake (Its hilly where we live, so this was a real treat!)

Micro and Mr enjoyed their babywearing cuddle

Mrs Malik enjoyed taking pictures of all the baby ducks!

Kit List;

Food for the ducks

Nature Spotting sheet