South Norwood Country Park

As a Canadian, I am always surprised to see totem poles in the UK.

As a Canadian, I am always surprised to see totem poles in the UK.

A few weeks ago, long before the weather turned, we were having a lazy Sunday at home.  Well at least we were trying to.  Beans was bouncing off the walls and Sprout was restlessly crawling around the lounge. Neither BeanieDad nor I were feeling particularly ambitious and didn’t really want to head too far, but an outing was desperately required. So after lunch we decided to go for a walk to South Norwood Country Park.

I’ve been meaning to head to this park since we moved to the area a year ago.  We live less than a mile from it and the website made it sound wonderful.  I made us walk there too, just to make sure my darling 3 year old burned off as much energy as possible.

Beans on the slide at the playground.

Beans on the slide at the playground.

The park is made up of several acres of woodlands and meadows. There’s also a lake and wetlands. The playground is new and extensive. There was lots of different equipment for all age groups, as well as a two small wooded areas perfect for hide and seek and exploration.

It’s also a foragers dream. Most of the paths are lined with blackberry bushes and we also spotted apples, plums, rose hips and elder flowers.  I’m sure there was much more that my untrained eye missed.

Beans hanging out in the woodland.

Beans hanging out in the woodland.

There’s a great lake, with lots of wildlife, as well as streams throughout the park.  The pathways are perfect for wondering and talking your time, and the city seems far away. It was lovely to have a little bit of the country so close to home.

On the way home I described it as the hidden jewel of South London, but Beans insisted that she was in fact the hidden jewel of South London. So there.


South Norwood Lake: A mini Oasis

South Norwood LakeIt’s a tiny little place, tucked away between some houses, but lovely.  On street parking, a little sailing club, a terrace that juts out over the lake and fishing posts.

This has been on Mr Malik’s to-do list for sometime, but it was just a quick trip to see what was there.

There is a playpark and toilets but these are currently closed, however there is a local campaign to re-open them so this may change!

There were lots of animals to spot, which I really enjoyed. Next time I will print out a little ‘nature spotting’ sheet like THIS to do with Rohan and leave the scooter behind!South Norwood lake

Mini Malik enjoyed scooting round the lake (Its hilly where we live, so this was a real treat!)

Micro and Mr enjoyed their babywearing cuddle

Mrs Malik enjoyed taking pictures of all the baby ducks!

Kit List;

Food for the ducks

Nature Spotting sheet